June 12th, 2024 – Inspiration from the steppe
We are honoured to have Máté Tálas from Hungary coming to Klinta Trädgård for a day full of inspiration from the steppe of eastern Europe. An area that is highly interesting for urban plantings for the future.

Máté has gathered a lot of knowledge from many field trips studying the complex habitats in the wild and also by growing a wide range of steppe plants.

Máté Tálas will do two talks during the day about different habitats and put the whole steppe into a context, what is a steppe, which kind of forces driving the habitats, how it is related to humans, characteristic plant groups, life forms to survive, understanding that the floral elements are flowing into each other, it is not how it is mostly illustrated on the maps, there are of course barriers but certain species jumping it and the reality is much more complex. He will show how the steppe plants reaching Eastern-Europe and the Balkans, and talk about the secondary succession after the Ice age and human exploitation of the land, how the water regulations are starting to dry up the landscape, fragmented also more and more by agriculture and how the woodland steppe started to change into dry steppe, or even turned into saline habitats inland, understanding the timescales and so on, how the vegetation moves and changes with the climate. https://www.instagram.com/turquoiseturtleplants/
Håkan Wallander who have studied soil for many years will do a talk about the soil and importance of mycorrhiza in drier climates. His talks about the complexity of the soil are always very inspiring and you will learn a lot.
In between the talks Peter Korn will do guided tours in the garden at Klinta to study the sandbeds and the cultivation of steppe plants in southern Sweden. He will also show the test beds with recycled materials and the trial beds for green roofs.
It will be a day full of inspiration and interesting discussions.

All talks and tours will be in English.

The course will start at 08.30/8.30 am and end at 16.30/4.30 pm.


Klinta Trädgård, Snogeröd Klinta 660, 24395 Höör, Sweden

SEK 1 800
Lunch and coffee breakes are included.
Register at: info@klintatradgard.se

Remember to write your name and all details that we need to send an invoice, including VAT number!

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