We help our customers with:

We offer services within horticulture. For example consulting, garden design, maintenance- and planting plans. We create large scale as well as small plantings, meadows and insect habitats. Roof gardens, storm water beds and in cooperation with Butong AB www.butong.se we plant outdoor green walls.

We garden and build gardens. We also offer talks, courses and workshops.


We offer consulting for private gardens, architectural firms, municipalities and others.

Could you use some help designing your roof terrace, your own garden, an urban space like a city park, or a nature reserve? Are you in the position of renovating a green space but you don’t know how? We have the knowledge and the experience to help your project move forward.

Would you like some advice for your garden? A garden plan, a planting plan or a maintenance plan? If you merely would like some input, a two hour consultation could be enough to get you on the right track. Sometimes a garden plan with planting plans is needed, in order for a construction company to take over. We adjust the job to fit your needs.

Price according to quote.


We design out door spaces of different kinds. Public parks, traffic islands, roundabouts, hotel- and restaurants, private gardens, balconies, green walls and green roofs.

Sometimes we are in the project from start, at planning stage. Sometimes we redo existing environments. Not yet built – newly built – old.

Price according to quote.


Would you like to learn more about bulbs, perennials or garden design? We do courses for students and professionals working within horticulture.

The courses consist of talks and/or workshops, depending on your requirements. The course can run for one or several days, in one week or spread over the year. We are in Klinta or a place of your choice.

We also participate as teachers in courses arranged by others.

Price according to quote.


We do plantings and some times maintenance.

We plant all kinds of different environments, small or large, in many different situations; salty road environments, pots, borders, green roofs and green walls.

Plantings that we have planted, we sometimes can offer to do the maintenance for. To get the best possible maintenance, we can also teach and cooperate with your staff.

Perennials used in the plantings, mainly come from our nursery in Klinta.


Price per project, per square meter or per hour.


We grow and select the plants for the planting projects we do.

The plants are grown in pure sand and are planted as bare root plants. We do plantings all year round, as long as the weather conditions permit it.


In larger projects, seeding can be an option to keep the price down. Either on its own, or in combination with planting. We do our own seed mixes, to mach the specific conditions. Most of the seeds we collect in our garden and nursery, and a small part we buy.


Sometimes there is a possibility to join us for an internship or as a volunteer. We do our best to try to pass on knowledge and skills to others. Usually we wish you to stay for at least three weeks. Your time with us, would show you how we work. With a diversity of tasks and with alot to learn.

Except from basic gardening knowledge, we would like you as a person to be ambitious and have a strong will to learn.

You need to do your own accomodation- and transport arrangements to and from the garden. We will help you on that as much as we can.

Write a short presentation of who you are, why you would like to work with us and what experience within horticulture you have. And what weeks you would like to come. Contact us on info@klintatradgard.se