Klinta Trädgård

In total the garden is 10 000 m2, plus another 5 000 m2 that we rent. The site is close to a lake and a little more than 100 years back, the lake reached up to this site. We live on the former beach! With sandy soil on one side of the property and a sandy clay soil in the other part.

We have divided the 10 000 m2-garden into three main parts; Julia’s part of the garden, Peter’s part of the garden and the collaborative garden. Peter is on the most sandy, sunny and windy part of the garden and Julia is in the more clay based and shady part of the garden. We both got what we wanted! The collaborative garden is in between, containing the big greenhouse. Our nursery and the kitchen garden are on the 5 000 m2 that we rent.

Before we took over this place in 2015, it had been run as a garden café with a nursery and a small vegetable farm.


Julia’s part of the garden

Julia’s part of the garden is divided into five main parts; the scene, the Prunus-part, the labyrinth, the fruit tree-meadow and the woodland. Each and every part with its own character.

Peter’s part of the garden

Peter’s part of the garden consists mainly of well drained rock gardens, walls and raised beds, to create as warm microclimates as possible. An abundance of grasses create a steppe feeling over the whole part, except from a sunken part with woodland plants.

OUR GARDEN Peters (7)
OUR GARDEN Collaborative (2)

The collaborative garden

The collaborative garden connects the different parts of the garden. This is done by lines of sight, shapes, the same pavingstone material, other hard materials as well as plant material.

The greenhouse

The greenhouse is in the collaborative garden. It is 600 m2 and works as a winter work space as well as for growing tender plants and seedlings. Inside the greenhouse there are three smaller greenhouses.

OUR GARDEN Greenhouse (2)
OUR GARDEN Nursery (2)

The nursery

In the nursery we grow and propagate plants for our projects. Everything is grown in sand. When we are to do plantings, we dig plants up and use them as bare root plants. We do not use pots. Thanks to the qualities of the sand, we normally only irrigate the newly planted plants.

The kitchen garden

The kitchen garden is Julia’s project. Berries and vegetables for testing purposes and for our own use, are grown here.

OUR GARDEN Kitchen garden