June 13th, 2024 – Biodiversity and butterflies

We have invited Erik Cederberg who runs Biophoria, a company that focus on creating conditions for biodiversity. Two of his specialities are butterflies and insect hotels. Erik will give two talks on his favourite topics and in between the talks we will study the different insect hotels that we have built at Klinta. We will also talk about different actions you can do to promote butterflies in the garden. There is a lot of details to know and Erik will teach us during the day. https://www.biophoria.se/

By lunch we will drive to our (Klinta Trädgård’s) farm in Farhult (Hörby) where we have reshaped the landscape to create conditions for a high biodiversity. We are also trialling different ways of maintenance of the meadows to find out what works best for us. Peter Korn will give a guided tour and together with Erik and Máté Tálas we are hoping for a lot of interesting discussions. What´s the most important factors for biodiversity and what can you do in the garden or in a bigger landscape?

It will be a day full of inspiration and interesting discussions.
All talks and tours will be in English.


Klinta Trädgård: Snogeröd Klinta 660, 24395 Höör

Price: SEK 1 800
Lunch and coffee breaks are included.

Register at: info@klintatradgard.se
Don´t forget to write your name and all details that we need to send an invoice.

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