Attendees of URBAN GROWTH – Perennial Plantings Beyond Nature

Sign up for the conference you too! Here are a few examples of people from differente diciplines and countries that have signed up so far: Landscape architects, Garden writers, Gardeners, Garden designers, Researchers, Professors, Students, Biologists, Lecturers. People from Green roof companies, nurseries and Wildlife company. People from UK, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Denmark. Canada, the USA, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Italy…

A three day perennial conference about new ways to think about plants; what is important when you plan for plantings? Aesthetics as well as functional, social and biological factors matter. We need to learn from one another, one person cannot know it all.

Our lecturers are all inspiring to listen to and will bring new ideas to our minds. And we will have a chance to meet each other.

September 8-10 2017, arranged by Klinta Trädgård AB.

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See you!